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what we do for clients

We have varying degrees of engagement that will help you get what you need out of our team, without breaking the bank. We’d rather you had some money left over for your budget, so please get in touch with us and we can help you determine which program is right for you.



Lead Generation

Our team understands how to turn your prospects into leads. We call into executives and have business-related conversations that create interest and, ultimately, qualified leads.

Our lead generation programs include:

  • Script Writing
  • Process Development
  • Guaranteed Lead Count
  • Call Notes
  • Recorded Qualification Calls

We have been generating leads for vendors in the telecom space for four years. We have honed our practice and are confident you’ll appreciate our process, and the results.

Our cold-calling technique is designed to warm leads quickly. We’re in the business of selling excitement. Let us help you build your sales funnel.



Demand Generation

Need to condition your market to build awareness? We can help with that. We translate your brand into a series of communications and dissemination strategies that we execute on your behalf. We adopt agile marketing to make sure that we optimize the results of each effort.

Our popular demand generation programs include:

  • Content Plan Development
  • Marketing Program Mapping
  • All Content Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing

We’ve developed and executed demand generation programs for companies large and small. We can help you build a specific program that maximizes the efficacy of your marketing budget – no matter the size.



Content Creation

Content creation – it’s the single biggest resource-drain on your marketing department. Leverage our team and we’ll create micro-sites, white papers, case studies, one-pagers, marketing and sales emails, social posts, videos, and anything else you want to have in your marketing plan.

We start with a look at your objectives, then build a content plan to suit. Once we have the plan built, we’ll organize the various pieces of content for systematic dissemination throughout your year. We can then forward a plan for each piece of content to your marketing team for execution, or we can execute it as part of our demand-generation program.

We specialize in content created exclusively for the telecom industry. There’s no learning curve for us – we get it.