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what we do for fun

These are just a few of the small projects we build and manage in our spare time. Go ahead, check ’em out. We roll out new ideas every other month, so come back often to see what we’ve been up to.

send out calendar invites faster

Skedul.In is a google-based application that helps Cam manage the invitations for his hockey team, the Ramblers. Designed to allow project managers, coordinators, and really anyone else input a bunch of events into their calendars and send invites really quickly.

finiQui - the Big-Data-find-what-you'll-love app


Our latest project is actually our oldest. We conceived the idea in 2009 and finally began to work it through in October of 2013. We’re in the process of developing this one, too – but you can visit the site to take a look. We wanted to qualify what it means to have “the best” something. Our favourite is different from your favourite. So we wanted to build a tool that would let you find what you’d like quickly. We can also use this tool for campaigns and can give our customers the results.


Pop Funds

As brand junkies, we wanted to test a hypothesis that brand managers sponsored sports leagues for a reason (that reason being MONEY). Money begets money, so we figured we’d test the health of three sports leagues by buying equity in their official sponsors, and wrapping them up as a fund.


happiness or a penis

We tested our chops at creating a flash-based application that mimicked the popular power-site. Jaime built the functionality in 2 hours.. He’s lightning quick. Need a laugh? You’ll find it here.

the take-anywhere-and-be-seen light


We expanded our horizons here a bit and launched a product into market. We’re designing the product itself, sourcing all of the parts, prototyping it, and we’re in the process of building a kick-starter campaign. If all goes well, we’ll be selling this product via sports stores across North America by the end of 2014. - Time Waster Polling is a site we’re developing to help us poll the public in a highly accurate way (*smirk*). Go check it out and tell us what you like. Or what you don’t.




Moouch is our home-away-from-home. We wanted to make sure we had a place to go for good coffee and somewhere that kept us young at heart. So, we’re opening Moouch – Kingston Road Village’s ice cream shop. Come by and say hello to the folks that serve up smiles, scoop by scoop.

lissn - social media ears

lissn is a web app for your sales team to help them find potential buyers using twitter. The tool listens to twitter posts and returns the @handles of the users that tweet key-strings selected by our users – due out in March, 2014.